When you need to excavate potentially volatile or energized underground lines, Davies hydro excavation is the solution. Unlike mechanical methods, hydro excavation allows you to expose and visually identify existing underground lines without risk to personnel, harm to the environment or damage to lines, pipes or cables.

“Our Hydro Vacs carry 8″ and 6″ Booms for productivity in the toughest ground types.”

Powerful, Non-Destructive

Hydro excavation (also called hydro vac, soft digging, vacuum excavation and hydro trenching) uses pressurized water and air suction to remove soil and expose underground objects. It is a safer, non-destructive alternative to manual digging.

“Our Hydro Vacs allows for a non-destructive and more accurate way to excavate soil .”

Faster, more Efficient

Davies Waste offers highly trained crews and state-of-the-art hydro excavation units. Our equipment is mobile and capable of accessing remote locations and operating in difficult terrain. Units are self-contained, providing necessary water, pumps, vacuum capabilities and debris storage.


  • Safer for personnel
  • Reduces downtime
  • Avoids damage to underground lines
  • Protects the environment
  • Avoids potential delays from accidents
  • Avoids unnecessary repair expenses

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